Adrian Draigo’s ethos is to marry modern design with real sustainable practice. Whilst being a practical designer, Adrian is also interested in experimental and conceptual approaches to design and it’s relationship to people and the environment

Adrian has been keen to share his enthusiasm for creative design through educational programs and workshops, helping young people foster their own practical creativity and looking at waste as a potential resource rather than just an end.


News and Biog

Graphicacy and Culture, Refocusing on visual learning by Xenia Danos. Published 2014 by The book features Draigo's learning clock.

‘Canclock’ was shown at Designjunction in 2013. It was shown as part of an exhibition featuring work from a newly published book called ‘Re-craft’. All the designs in the book can be made at home, and have 'how to' plans

In 2012 GLO was showcased at the Designersblock exhibition on London’s Southbank as part of the London Design Festival

An 'ignite' workshop building a low energy light city from plastic bottles. The lights were created from scratch, giving the young people some basic electrical wiring skills.

A workshop to build a pirate ship out of a plastic milk bottle. This was part of a 'skillshare' event, where people freely share some of their practical and creative skills with others

Windmills made from clear and opaque plastic bottles being decorated with marker pens.

Draigo's work has been featured in many publications including the eco-design handbook.

Gloworm on show as part of a lighting exhibition at 100% Design in 2008

Magazine article about Adrian Draigo